Natural Born Soldier


Natural Born Soldier is a fun multiplayer shooter game with unique 3D character face customization! Play now for FREE on your mobile device. Ohh, and the multiplayer matches are cross platform!




Soldier, have you been injured and require some support? Not a problem, please contact me if here you don't find your answer. Don't hesitate in sending me an email at supports(at)naturalbornsoldier(dot)com

- When I try to enter text, the virtual keyboard is not showing up.
I’ve seen this very few times. Restarting your device should resolve the problem.

- I had a multiplayer account and played couples of matches, and now I open the game and my account seems to be gone, WTF?!!
Ohh that’s bad. I've seen this very rarely. The good thing is that your multiplayer account is safe on the server, no worries. Now, you need to remember your username and password, simply use "Existing Account". In case you forgot your username or password, well it's getting worst ;). Send a request to the support with what you remember about your account (username, password, email, score, rank) and I will try to find it out.

- I had a multiplayer account but I forget my password, what's next?
In the moment there is no password recovery functionality. Please contact the support indicating your username and email you have registered.

- In the customization face feature, when I press "Photo" to take or select a picture, the game crash soon after.
On older devices (e.g.: iPhone4S, iPadMini, iPad2, Samsung S4, etc.) the memory is sometimes very short, and this generates crash. Force killing all your running applications and restarting your device should help resolving the problem.

- While I’m playing, I get disconnected from the match I’m currently playing.
This is most likely a network issue. Your connection to the server might have been lost. This should not happen too often, otherwise please contact the support giving further details.

- When I tap "Multiplayer" sometimes I got the message "sorry, your device is too slow to play", but sometimes it works fine.
Unfortunately, your device is on the limit of being able to run the game in multiplayer smoothly (e.g.: Samsung S4). Force killing all your running applications and restarting your device should resolve the problem. Nevertheless, if you always get this message, and also seeing that the background Jungle is pretty laggy, then your device for sure is too old :(. You can still play Single player.

- I cannot open the game anymore, it crash right away at startup!
Ohh that’s bad. Force kill the game and restart your device. If the problem persist, unfortunately you will have re-install the game, except for Android, you can try first to Clear Data and Clear Cache. If this happen often, please contact the support giving further details. In any case this worst scenario happen, you will NOT loose your purchases, NOR your multiplayer account which you have worked hard to progress. You will have to login "Existing Account" and remember your username and password thought.

- I had to re-install the game for whatever reasons, how can I get my purchases back?
On iOS the usual process, go into About screen (press the "I" button in the top left corner on startup screen) and press the "Restore Purchases". If by mistake you try to buy an item you already bought, no worries, Apple will detect it and will give it to you for FREE.
On Android, no worries, your purchases are associated with your Google account (or Amazon App Store account if installed from Amazon) and as long as your are logged in your account, the game will be able to retrieve your purchases.
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